Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tomato Nabe

I LOVE the area we live in! And it really comes alive at night time with gorgeous little boutiques, restaurants and bars all lit up in the steamy evening light, flanking the Meguro river. Each building is unique and so tastefully designed, and there are going to be endless places to try out. We headed out at about 7pm for drinks at a lounge bar I had seen a few times on passing and wanted to try out. It is on the banks of the river and has a restaurant downstairs and a bar upstairs - all v tastefully done in old dark wood and vintage black leather chairs. After a rather expensive beer and our first successful attempt at asking for the bill in Japanese, we headed on to a place that serves shabu-shabu and similar dishes - basically cook your own food. It was in a simple restaurant, where even the chopsticks stands were simple, yet effective. They were basically made of an un-shelled peanut! We chose tomato nabe - a spicey, stew-like broth with lots of veggies floating in it. Each table has a tube-like air vent above it and they bring you a big stew pot which bubbles on a mini stove next to you, and you ladle it into bowls as you want it. Washed down with sake, it was the best combination!

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