Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Goodbye Tokyo!

It's a warm sunny morning in Tokyo and I'm off to London today for a three week trip. It's sad to say goodbye, but exciting to see family and friends back home. See you in October!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Modern dance at MOMAT

Last night I attended a modern dance performance at the Museum of Modern Art. I had no idea what to expect and there was no explanation of the evening's events. The audience was asked to file into one of the museum's large open spaces where performers were already in-situ. We all gathered around them, sitting on the floor and expecting the performance to unfold in front of us. Before we knew it, they were climbing through the audience and 'performing' around us, so that it became more of an art installation than a dance performance. Each dancer would take it in turns to read instructions from a large screen that described a movement, and then one of the other dancers would have to perform that move. It could have been a lot more interesting, but as it was, the dancers were performing rather basic moves over and over. I liked the idea of being able to freely move from one dancer to the next and walk around them as they performed, but felt it could have been a bit more interesting!

It was a beautifully balmy evening and I sat outside waiting for the rest of my group to arrive, drinking this refreshing orange drink.

The forecourt of the museum had a very pleasing installation by Studio Mumbai.

A DJ was playing before the start of the performance and everyone sat around politely listening to him on these mini chairs.