Friday, 28 August 2009

Last few days!

Well, I really feel like I am winding down to leaving Tokyo now and it feels a bit too soon - I'm just getting into the swing of things. I went to the gym again today (went to yoga yesterday with Dale the Aussie bloke) but no sign of sveltness yet. I am getting to know the faces of people in the yoga class, and of the coffee guy I get an iced latte from on my way home. He has a set up in an old VW-type van and sits huddled in there, making coffees all day with music blaring out. He even knows what I want now, and has given me a points card (7th coffee free!) which is always a good sign that you are starting to fit in. I had to return our neighbour's wine carafe to them earlier (as you do!) and she gave us a big bag of beautiful grapes - so sweet of her. The grapes here seem to be either really tiny, or really massive - almost like plums - and you have to peel them as the skins are quite tough. But they are very juicy inside. I also met one of our neighbours on the ground floor. She is French and she and her husband moved in two weeks ago so even newer than us. She was v friendly and has suggested we meet up when I am back in October. Neil and I went out to a local restaurant tonight and decided to be brave and try a place with a completely Japanese menu - ie we couldn't understand anything on it. It is called Aguri Meguri and we liked the look of the place, so decided to give it a go. The guys there were very accommodating and even though they couldn't understand English, worked out we needed an English menu and printed one out from online. The food was great and we washed it down with beer, and then went on to a buzzing place called Frames for cocktails and pudding. Then, to round it off we sauntered to the local coffee guy - another one selling from a vehicle, this time a 2CV. See photo. Wonderful coffee!

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