Monday, 30 January 2012

Sad snowmen

The snow from last week has pretty much gone now, but there are still some small patches remaining, as well as some forlorn-looking snowmen who are gripping on to their last breath......

Sunday in Yanaka

On sunday we had planned to go out of the city and do some hiking in the hills outside Tokyo, but in light of the FREEZING weather and the snowfall last week, we decided to stay in the city and visit Yanaka, a favourite area of ours that retains the old Tokyo feel with small, low buildings and many temples to dip into. Despite the cold, it was a gorgeous sunny day and perfect for a meander.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Saturday meanderings

My first proper saturday back ended up being a nice combination of playing squash and then meandering round the city, finding my feet again, and followed by a trip to the movies. The skies were bright blue and the sun was out, but it was damn cold, so we had to keep dipping into warm places to regain strength! 

First of all we found ourselves at Tokyo Midtown where the ice rink was still going strong, along with the christmas lights. It all looked quite magical with the remains of the snowfall from last week still scattered around. We then headed to Roppongi Hills to catch an action movie - Mission Impossible, one of my guilty pleasures. We had decided to go for the Premier seats and weren't sure what to expect, but were taken to an entrance we'd never been to before and suddenly found ourselves in what looked like a nightclub bar! We were given a free drink and then found our seats which were like big reclining armchairs with tables between them to put our drinks on. Not a bad way to watch Tom Cruise fling himself from one adventure to the next!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

January Morality Poster

Well, I am now back in Tokyo after a long break in the UK, and am slowly recovering from jetlag and acclimatising myself to life in the land of the rising sun. We've already had a heavy snowfall since I've been back and there are still clumps of it lying around, but it didn't last for long and apart from a rather slippey, slidey journey down the hill to the station the day after, we haven't been affected by it. It's just very cold here now, but the blue sky makes it very bearable!

Luckily I was able to catch the January morality poster, which again, includes cute animals. This time it's a crowd of ducklings and the caption reads "If you are standing near the doors, please make way for alighting passengers".