Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Crafty business

I've been doing a lot of fabric research in the last two days. I went to a fab shop yesterday in Shinjuku, recommended by Joy. She met me at the station, which is a good thing as it's one of the busiest in the world and pretty scarey to find yourself around in. I was even proud of the fact that I managed to find the right exit! We had lunch at Starbucks and then we headed to the heaven that is Okadaya - seven floors of every kind of crafty thing you can imagine. Not everyone's cup of tea, of course! They had a floor just of buttons, another of all kinds of wool, embroidery threads, leather, ribbons, appliques, beads and even one floor dedicated to making bras! I was drooling as we trotted from floor to floor and will definitely be heading back to load up my basket. Suzy and Lisa took me fabric shopping today, to an area where there are hundreds of fabric shops. We spent hours trawling through each one. I may need to expand my office onto the balcony to allow for all the extra stuff!

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  1. Hi Katie,
    I love your new blog!You are doing so many exciting things and it's brilliant to see what you are up to.I went through to Makowers today,I've just about finished my seaside range and am off to Norfolk on Friday.
    Your jungle designs are so cute.

    Hope to see you next week