Monday, 10 August 2009

Taiko Drumming at the Tokyo American Club

After quite a hard day on friday - of feeling a bit lonely - the weekend was fun and it was great to have Neil around and to spend the time pottering around together. On saturday we spent quite a bit of time in the morning buying more things for the apartment - there seems to be an endless stream of things we need. In the afternoon we went to the Tokyo American Club as there was a Bon Odori festival on there. We are planning to become members of the club, so that we can use the gym etc, and Neil has to go along on tuesday for an interview! We're hoping he doesn't say the wrong thing and get blacklisted! Anyway, it was fun to trot along and there was a nice mixture of western and Japanese people there, with some Taiko drummers and kimono-dressed dancers performing. I have found a drumming class locally which strangely appeals - is it the massive drums, or the fetching outfits that draw me to it. It looks very satisfying to do!

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  1. Okay, you're finally living the dream of playing the drums.. don't make them too big or they won't fit in our band.. Must dust that guitar off now!:-)