Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Playing Pictionary In Shibuya!

Well, yesterday was my first day in the city on my own and I decided to be brave and head to Shibuya for some retail therapy. We still needed lots of things for the flat and I love a bit of a shopping spree. First stop was the electronics giant called Labi - five floors of every kind of electrical equipment you can think of. My main necessity was a plug extension so that we could start using the computer etc. Needless to say, my Japanese doesn't extend far beyond "Konichiwa" and the thought of sign language was too mind boggling, so I got out my pad and started drawing. It was a very simple sketch, but the sales assistant got it and I was on my way! This is the way to go! This morning I had to find a bike shop that could fix a punctured tyre, so the pad came out again and it worked! The bike is going in on thursday and will be fixed and ready to go for the weekend! Somehow I think that this version of conversing won't get me far in the long run, so I'd better be brave and start my Japanese lessons soon....

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  1. I think this could be the beginning of a book of handy illustrations to have when you move to a new country?? Could be the new trend? Love that you kept them.