Sunday, 16 August 2009

Friday at Senso-ji temple

We spent friday pootling about and decided to get the ferry up the river to the Senso-ji temple. It was another hot day and nice to be out on the water, where there was a slight breeze. The views from the boat weren't as outstanding as we expected, and most of the buildings were residential, but it was nice to see people getting on with everyday life though - jogging, walking and generally hanging out. We were pretty hungry when we got to Asakusa, and headed to a sweet little restaurant that we found in the Rough Guide. It is a very touristy area, with the temple being one of the most popular in Tokyo, so it was good to find a place off the beaten track, Gallery ef where we could hide away. It was in an old warehouse that was built in 1868, made of wood, without nails, and the walls were lime and flax. It had survived earthquakes and the war and was now an art gallery and music space. We then braved the crowds at the temple and spent a little time taking it all in before heading back on the boat, tired and weary, with our heads lolling as we snoozed. We are becoming like the Japanese who manage to sleep anywhere! From there we went to the Tokyo American club for our first workout and then a fab burger and fries in one of their restaurants.

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