Friday, 7 August 2009

Fireworks near Harajuku

Keiko invited me and Neil to go and see some fireworks last night. Sadly Neil couldn't make it, so I decided to go on my own. I met Keiko after work and after stocking up on some cans of beer, we pedaled off on our bikes. It was fab to be out and about with the wind in my hair (even though it was boiling hot and humid - note big red ruddy face in picture!) and great to be seeing more of the city. It is so vibrant and alive and we were racing through all these manic areas on our bikes. My main concern was keeping up with Keiko who obviously knows the streets like the back of her hand and was weaving through the crowds with great finesse. Most people cycle on the pavements here, which I found hard and had some near collisions with some pedestrians, while trying to keep an eye out for where Keiko was heading. We found a spot on a side road and set up camp with a load of other people who were waiting for the fireworks to begin. The beers and nibbles came out, and then the fireworks began. They were spectacular and lasted for a full hour! It turns out that they weren't for any specific celebration, the Japanese just like to let them off because they enjoy it. Apparently there will be more on the 22nd, so I will have to take Neil along to those. Some of Keiko's friends came and joined us, and they were all really nice. Afterwards we went back to Keiko's apartment and had coffee. She lives in a lovely place and a stones throw away from all the mayhem. I was worried about finding my way home alone, but Keiko showed me the way and I managed to cycle home on my own with no problem!

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  1. Hi hon, I'm loving your blog - I feel a bit like a stalker but in a nice way! x