Friday, 7 August 2009

Meeting Keiko at the organic food market

I worked with the lovely miss Keiko over ten years ago in New York and it was through facebook that I contacted her to let her know that I would be moving to Tokyo. It turns out that she works almost opposite where we live, so we decided to meet up for lunch in the local area. It was great to meet up and she still looks the same as she did ten years ago! She first took me to a gorgeous organic food stall which is only there every two weeks and held in the lobby of a lovely gourmet deli. It was already getting pretty busy when we got there and I could imagine things sell out pretty quickly. The vegetables are lovely and fresh and I have selected a few to experiment with. We then went on to a local french restaurant and had a slap up meal. Keiko had a curry and I had a pork dish - neither typically french, but very nice!

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