Thursday, 6 August 2009

Roppongi Hills

Yesterday I went to Roppongi Hills to mooch around and go to the Mori Tower where there is an exhibition space on the 52nd floor. The view alone was stunning, and the exhibition was of work by a Chinese man called Ai Weiwei, who is from Beijing but lived in New York for 10 years during the 90s. His works range from sculpture and photography, to video and installations, with a lot of his work linking the past with the present. He uses typical Chinese materials like beautiful woods and ceramics, but often incorporates them with modern ideas.

I then trotted down to see Okuba-san, the lovely lady who helped us to find our flat. I needed to collect the spare key from her, but also wanted to give her a present from me and Neil to say thankyou for her help. I think I commited a faux pas, as I immediately went to shake her hand and kiss her cheek. I only realised this was probably the wrong thing to do in Japan, once the act was in motion and it was too late! I am sure she was in shock as she saw my grubby hand and sweaty cheek lurching towards her, poor love! Must learn some more etiquette!

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