Saturday, 6 March 2010


It seems that blog postings are like buses, you don't see any for ages and then a few come along at once. So here goes.....

I had two pottery classes this week, to make up for not doing any last week. On the second day, we went back to the teacher's house to do extruding. It involves putting a big lump of clay in a tube and squeezing it through and out the other side using a big pump-like action. It sounds dodgy and looks rather "interesting" and I thought it would be a doddle, but it's actually quite difficult and can end up with disasterous results. My first one was sent to the dud pile after getting a hole in it - to create interesting shapes, you carve into the clay and I got a bit over zealous. When I started the class, I had visions of coming out with a beautiful tall, elegant vase for the dining table. Instead I came out with some rather short, clumpy items which I am calling candle holders for want of a better word!

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  1. I've enjoyed looking through your blog, wonderful work.

    I wanted to ask you, what is the name of the pottery class or school? I am interesting in doing some when I come to Japan this April :)