Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hong Kong Installment 11

Sunday was a day of intense sightseeing. We had been saving the Victoria Peak day for one that was hopefully more clear, but that didn't happen! We started off by taking a manic bus trip to the other side of Hong Kong island where Stanley market is. The best bit was the bus ride, which was like taking an out of control rollercoaster ride, round narrow, steep streets in a double decker bus. We had the best seats at the front on the top, and loved the careening around, while taking in the the new environs. It was much sunnier on the other side and there were loads of little beaches that we passed. Quite different to the mayhem of central Hong Kong. Stanley market is pretty tacky, but we strolled along the waters edge and took in the atmosphere, before heading back on the roller coaster ride to central Hong Kong.

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