Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Plum blossom

I had another sumi-e class yesterday and this time I was recreating the plum blossom, which is quite apt as they are supposed to be in bloom at the moment. Mind you, it snowed here yesterday, so the poor flowers may be in shock! My teacher also had my own personal stamp made for me - hand carved out of marble - so now my paintings have a bit more of a professional edge to them...

As you will see, I have hand painted my first name which literally translates as "Ke-Te" and then the stamp follows with the family name "Go Don". My teacher was telling me that "Go" means "strong" and "Don" is the word for a heavily embroidered curtain used in the Kabuki theatre. So my last name translates as "strong embroidered curtain"! It somehow lacks finesse!

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  1. what a wonderful time Garth is having! thank you for entertaining him so well.Send sample of his knitting. You seem to be doing very well with your paintings.Photo of Neil welcome! xxx