Saturday, 27 March 2010


I went to my pottery class on thursday night. It had been a really horrible rainy day and the last thing I felt like doing was heading out into the dark, damp night. But I was so glad I managed to go to the class as I learnt to make a handle and spout! The handle-making is actually harder than it looks and involves making a carrot shape out of the clay, making the hands very wet and then squeezing the carrot shape through a gripped hand to lengthen and streamline the "carrot" into an aesthetic shape. The trick is to not do it too hard, other wise the lengthened bit breaks off - as I discovered too many times. There is a fine art to the timing as well, as you need it hard enough to be able to attach to your pot, but not too hard. While it was drying, we then worked on our spout. This involves pinching the outside edge with two fingers whilst rubbing the top edge with the forefinger of the other hand - a rather therapeutic movement. I came out with a rather primitive pot, but am strangely proud of it!

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