Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hong Kong Installment 10

To get to the Soho area, you can take the escalator. I know, sounds strange and we weren't sure what to expect as everyone kept telling us it was an escalator that went up the side of the hill and kept going and going. It was hard to imagine, but was just that. You can basically go from the Central ferry terminal, through a mall (of course, you can't go to Hong Kong without seeing a mall at some point - it's difficult to avoid) and on the other side you join this escalator and it just keeps going and going. There are points to get off when you want to, and it basically ploughs through all these buzzing areas full of restaurants and bars where people are spilling out onto the streets and generally enjoying life! We were amazed at how many expats there were. Once we had ridden the escalator most of the way, we decided to hop off and find some food. There was almost too much choice, but we went for a scrummy Vietnamese place and stuffed our faces with curry and beer.

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