Saturday, 6 March 2010

Meiji Jingu

On thursday, me and Garth met up with Dairina, a friend of Sarah's who was in town for work. First we decided to head for the Harajuku area and start with Yoyogi park and the famous Meiji Jingu shrine. It was a cold day, but we soaked up the atmosphere and got some great photos of sake vats, old wooden doors and prayer boards. Most were praying for good health etc, but there seemed to be quite a few praying for a nice cheap apartment and job promotions! As we were leaving the park we noticed a long queue of people waiting to get into the area where the lake is. We almost joined the queue to find out what was going on, but I'm glad we didn't in the end. I later asked my Japanese teacher what it was all about and she said that there is supposed to be a lucky area around the lake with strong energy (only for this year) and people want to have their picture taken there for good luck....very strange!

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