Thursday, 2 June 2011

Rollicking Risotto

I have been horrendously bad at keeping up with my blog recently, but there has been good reason as my lovely friend Laura paid me a fleeting visit over the weekend. There was much merriment, even though the weather was diabolical (it poured down every day she was here), and we had a fab time trotting around the city, exploring new places and revisiting old ones.

On her first night we wanted to go to a famous izakaya in Shibuya, but it was booked up, so we went to our lovely local Italian restaurant instead, run by a husband and wife team. We have always wanted to try their trademark dish - parmesan risotto - so both of us went for it and it was gorgeous. They prepare it at your table and actually mix it up in a massive half round of hollowed out parmesan. First of all they set light to the inside of the parmesan, using 95% proof Polish vodka. This helps melt the cheese. Then they pour the risotto rice into the parmesan and give it a good mix around to soak up all the cheese. They then dish it out and it's ready to go, washed down with a glass of red wine - scrumptious!

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