Monday, 13 June 2011

Food - Nagasaki

Outside influences mean that the local cuisine in Nagasaki is quite varied, with dishes such as sara udon, champon, castella (a sponge-like sweet from Portugal) and pork in bread.There is a bustling Chinatown in Nagasaki and we decided to head there for lunch and sample the glorious sara udon that we'd read about.
We found a "Chinees" restaurant, but decided to head to Kouzanrou that had been recommended.
I ordered the glorious sara udon noodles and was not disappointed. It consists of a thick sauce with vegetables and meat over a bed of gloriously crispy fried noodles.....
This is the mysterious dish that is pork nestled in a pocket of bread. In England we would call it "Pigs in Blankets".
In the evening we headed back to Shianbashi for an early evening drink. The narrow lanes were very quiet at that time, but I'm sure they got a lot more lively as the night went on.... We decided to slip into a local izakaya to sample some yakitori (chicken skewers) washed down with cold beer, before heading to the waterfront to wolf down some yummy tonkatsu (breaded pork) and rice.....washed down with another cold beer....
One of the local delicacies we didn't get to try was champon - morsels of seafood, meat and vegetables served with a dollop of thick noodles in piping hot soup, although Neil did contemplate this one at the airport...

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