Monday, 23 May 2011

Friday Night

On friday night our friend Tatsuya took us to a great little eatery in Ebisu. I couldn't tell you the name of it and I would only just about recognise it from the outside, but it was a rabbit warren of lots of different little restaurants under one roof, where most of the seats were made of crates and the tables were makeshift boards on crates. There was a great atmosphere and a tasty selection of food from okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes), to yakitori (food on skewers), to beef sashimi. It was all washed down with nama birru (draft beer) served in tin cups.

Afterwards we trotted down the road to an ice cream shop called Ouca that specialises in Japanese ices, with flavours such as green tea, sweet beans or miso. With this you also get a cup of hot wheat tea which has a wonderful roasted flavour, and a pinch of salted seaweed flakes to cleanse the palette after the sugar intake.

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