Thursday, 2 June 2011


On saturday morning we decided go to a rather famous institution in Tokyo - Tsukiji fish market. We have been meaning to go ever since we arrived in Tokyo, but the early start had always put us off. Basically we were told that to see it at its best, you had to get there at 5am to watch the auction in progress. This is when all the massive tunas are laid out as well and is meant to be quite a dramatic sight.

Sadly, Laura and I weren't quite organised enough to get there for 5am and rocked up at 10.30, expecting not to see much. Most of the market was pretty much packed away by that point, and all the little motorised trucks were racing round, finishing off their day. We did however manage to find one sweet man (with a very big knife) in the process of slicing up a tuna. He invited us to stay and watch and even gave us a sample of the raw, freshly cut fish to eat, washed down with some green tea! Quite an experience.

After the fish is cut into pieces, each piece is carefully wiped down and then wrapped up in layers of paper, to be kept in the freezer until it's needed. He told us that he supplies to restaurant near us in Daikanyama, so now we'll have to go and sample its delights.....

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