Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Welcome Bob and Tom

Please welcome the lovely new additions to our home - Bob and Tom, two beautiful ginger bothers who are 8 months old and absolute sweethearts. We feel so lucky to have them. 

We've been thinking about getting a cat for a while and when we went and looked at the Ark website (a wonderful animal rescue home here in Japan) these two cuties popped up and called our name. After a visit to see them at their foster home, we realised we just had to have them and now they are slowly settling into their new place. Please excuse any fawning from now on and I will try and keep the proud mum-ness in me to a minimum.......

Tom cat looking very proud.

Bob cat helping me get some work done......

Playing games and seeing double.

Bath time is much easier when you have a bro to help out.

Checking out the new view.

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