Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A hike at Mount Mitake

The other day we went for a gorgeous walk up Mount Mitake, about an hour's train ride out of Tokyo. 

We love to get out of the city and smell the clean air and walk among the cedar trees, with a picnic lunch at the top. Good for the soul. The train is always packed with serious hikers, all with the latest gear. We are often amused by the serious "climbers" that are inevitably on the train. They bring their own crash mats (which look like padded suitcases), which we thought was sensible, until we realised that they only actually climb about 8 feet off the ground!

Serious climbers off to find a suitable 8 foot high rock, with trusty crash mat to hand.

We love walking through the tall, slender cedar trees that flank the mountain path.

Lunch at the top and a stunning view.

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