Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sunday lunch

On sunday we went for a meal at Ukai, a beautiful restaurant out at Mount Takao, about an hours train ride out of Tokyo. It is situated at the foot of the mountain and landscaped beautifully so that the dining rooms are approached through immaculate Japanese-style gardens. We had our own separate dining room, designed like a traditional-style Japanese house with tatami mats on the floors (you have to take your shoes off at the door) and a heavy lacquered table in the centre of the room with grills in the centre to grill your food.

It was a truly beautiful experience.

I love these knitted beret-clad men and had to take a photo.

The restaurant was reached by crossing this beautiful red bridge.

The gardens were immaculately landscaped and lit with burning torches.

It had begun to rain and our waitress led us to out dining room with umbrellas.

The dining room had a large lacquered table in the middle and grilling areas in the centre to grill out chicken and vegetable skewers.

Our waitress came in with a wicker tray full of the food for us to grill.

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