Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Saturday night

On saturday night we dipped into an art event in Roppongi where art installations and performances, as well as free entry to the main galleries were happening all over the area for one night, until sunrise on sunday. I'm ashamed to say that we boughed out earlier than sunrise, but we did get to see a great cross section of pieces, as well as actually be involved in one of the "installations".

A group of us became the "artwork" and were asked by the artist to pose for him. This was our view of the "audience" watching us.

A friend of mine happened to be upstairs and was able to catch us on film. I'm in the second row form the back.....

A rather space-age piece in Roppongi Hills.

An enormous blow-up installation by Yayoi Kasuma who arrived to give a talk below.

An enormous blow-up kokeshi doll in the Tokyo Midtown building.

A performance artist who looked more like an ice skater than an artist, danced in and started painting on canvas, accompanied heavy dance music.

I'm afraid we weren't too impressed by her "avant garde" performance and left soon after these daubings were created.

I loved this piece which consisted of a light source placed behind canvas.

More fantastical pieces by Yayoi Kasuma, placed in the gardens behind Midtown.

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