Monday, 19 July 2010


Neil had to work yesterday morning so to make up for it, we planned a trip out to Yokohama in the afternoon. It is about 45 mins train ride from where we live and a pretty, chilled out place - a bit like going from Manhattan to Brooklyn, for anyone who understands that! We started by walking along the waterfront and soaking up the beautiful weather. It's been scorching and v humid, but there was a beautiful blue sky and it's just so lovely to have sun and heat. I love it! We ended up at the Red Brick Warehouse, an old warehouse that has been converted to shops and restaurants, where we had a fresh scrumptious lunch at Bill's (Aussie Bill Grainger's restaurant). I ordered a greek haloumi salad which was v tasty, if a tad small....

We then headed on to the wonders of Cosmo World, a world of roller coasters and fairground rides and I introduced Neil to his first roller coaster ride! He wasn't sick, which was good, but he did spend most of his time looking at his feet!

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