Monday, 26 July 2010

An evening in Kyoto

After a good long sleep at the hotel, where we literally crashed out (and luckily missed a massive thunder storm) we headed out with hungry bellies to find some food. Earlier in the day, we had crossed the river and seen many restaurants flanking the water and overlooking it. This seemed like the perfect place to have dinner, but of course, everyone else did too, and most of the outdoor tables were fully booked. To get to these restaurants, you had to trot down a tiny alleyway. It was jam packed with restaurants and very atmospheric with the pavement still wet from the rain and lanterns lighting your way. The choice of food was endless, but we decided to duck into a little izakaya-style place and sit at the bar. This is always the best place as you can watch the entertainment of the chefs preparing the food - we love it! After filling our bellies with glorious pickings, we strolled down the many side streets of Gion, soaking up the atmosphere.

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