Monday, 30 November 2009

Imperial Palace

Saturday was a beautifully mild day so, after a trip to the gym and lunch there, we decided to head to the Imperial Palace for a wander around. We had heard that there wasn't much to see as the grounds and palace are actually closed to the public for most of the year, but we felt we should at least pay a visit, and we're glad we went as there was still a lot to see, and we also enjoyed the people watching. It's obviously a popular place for people to go for a run (apparently the loop around the grounds is about 3 miles), but we were intrigued to know where all these people had come from. They had obviously made the journey especially on the subway, which we found quite strange. The grounds surrounding the palace were also strange in their design, as most of the trees had been heavily pruned into space age shapes and were all very regimented. We caught a glimpse of the palace across the water and over the bridge, and took the obligatory photos to show that we'd been there.

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