Sunday, 8 November 2009

Cat Heaven!

I was in cat heaven on saturday. We found out that there was a cafe in Kichijoji called Cat Cafe Calico and was described as a place where you could "enjoy the company of this cafe's 15 cats as you sip your coffee or tea". We didn't know what to expect, and after a bit of trial and error to find it, ended up on the fourth floor of a non-descript building. We went through the door, where there was a reception area. We were given slippers and lockers to keep our stuff in and then ushered into a light-filled room full of cats padding around or slumbering in appointed beds around the room! We were allowed to spend however long we wanted there, but were charged by the hour. It is basically an outlet for cat lovers who don't, or can't, keep cats at home! I was very tempted to slip on in my bag as I left....

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