Sunday, 22 November 2009


To finish off a lovely day, we went to a lovely restaurant called Higashi-Yama. I'd read about it in the Wallpaper City Guide and had realised that it was close to where we live. I went down there during the week to book a table and, as it seems like many restaurants here, was very hard to find. Even when I did find it, it was tucked away and looked like it had shut down. Anyway, it ended up being a wonderful experience in a lovely setting - very modern rustic, if there is such a thing! The photos don't do it justice - the mood lighting was so moody, that nothing came out properly! After ordering a bottle of white Californian wine, which we were told was actually grown by a Japanese man who lives there, we were given the menu. It was in Japanese, but we were pointed to the set menu by the waiter and he was able to tell us a bit about what each dish consisted of. It was all modern Japanese food, and done in a beautiful way. I think we ended up having about ten courses, each one completely different to each other. Most of it was fab, although I did find the fish intestines, slightly hard to gulp down. They were amazingly rich and tasty, but came in a large lump that couldn't be broken down.... Having said that, I highly recommend going here and am dying to have friends and family to visit so that I can take them there.

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