Sunday, 6 January 2013

Vietnam Day 3 - Hue

Day three was the day that we headed on to the next leg of our trip - to Hue (pronounced 'hway'). This involved an hour flight south (about 400 miles) to the old Imperial city of Vietnam. It was much warmer heading south, although still misty, and nice not to have to wear layers. After checking into our hotel, we had a meander around the south side of the river and ate lunch at a roadside cafe. Hue is still a busy city with many motorbikes weaving around, but the wide streets and grand river somehow make it not so claustrophobic as Hanoi.

Dinner was spent at Bo De, a tasty vegetarian restaurant along by the river where we had hotpot and deep fried tofu washed down with the local brew. 

After dinner we took a stroll along the river where many of the locals were out, selling their wares and cooking up tasty morsels.

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