Sunday, 6 January 2013

Vietnam Day 2 - Hanoi

After another hearty breakfast (where Neil found out that it was his lucky day due to a double yolk fried egg!) we headed off to the Museum of Ethnology. It included a fab collection of Vietnamese crafts and clothing, but also had an impressive garden filled with examples of  real Vietnamese houses, intricately reproduced using the traditional methods. It was intriguing to see how people live.

 We stopped in at the museum cafe for lunch and a coffee. Vietnamese coffee is very strong and you get your own individual filter that sits on top of the cup while the coffee filters through. If you want your coffee white, condensed milk is added so it is very sweet. I loved it!

A failed attempt to go to the army museum meant that we did get to see the statue of Lenin in Lenin park, and then we meandered through the back steets of Hanoi soaking up more of the atmosphere (and fumes.....). Hanoi is a great place to discover things on foot, but after a while we needed a cup of tea and a rest in the hotel.

We had dinner in the French Quarter at a lovely Vietnamese restaurant where we sat next to a nice Japanese family! We then wandered back to out hotel, past Hoan Kiem lake that was all lit up.

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