Monday, 28 January 2013

An Indian wedding - Pune

Last week we were very lucky to be invited to the Indian wedding of a friend of Neil's. It was held in Pune, which is about 3 hours drive from Mumbai. We landed at midnight on saturday night and after a sleep at a Mumbai airport hotel, we drove to Pune the following morning. There were four celebrations in all, but we just went to two of them - the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. The wedding ceremony was held on sunday evening. We all met at the hotel and were 'serenaded' by a band of drummers before each of us hopped into our own flower bedecked tuk tuks  to take us to the wedding venue.

The groom (on the right) with his 'grooms men' awaiting their chariots. I loved the ochre turbans and fresh cream outfits. 

A glitzy drumming band serenaded us before we headed off in our tuk tuks.

Each tuk tuk was given a different name of a car. Our's was called Range Rover. Others were Maserati, Porche, and Chevrolet!

The groom and his grooms men headed the procession in an open topped tuktuk.


Once at the venue, there was a procession of elaborately encrusted saris. Quite a feast for the eyes. 

The bride was brought in on high. She looked stunning!

The ceremony was about three hours long!

The bridal party was up on a stage and I'm afraid a lot of the ceremony was lost on us!

The following evening was the wedding reception. This was a much more relaxed affair where everyone let their hair down and had a good old boogie to Bollywood classics.

Even aunty managed to have a good boogie.


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