Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mum and dad's trip - Wednesday

We woke up to heavy rain, which rather affected our plans to head out on a boat to the island of Miyajima, something I had been really looking forward to. After a long, leisurely breakfast and decision-making on what to do instead, we decided to stay in Hiroshima and hit the cultural spots, starting with the Hiroshima Museum of Art. It is housed in a lovely modern building and has a wonderful selection of European art from the Impressionist era.

After a cup of tea at the museum, we slopped through the rain to Hiroshima castle, a stately, wooden structure surrounded by a moat. It was amazingly intricate in its structure and quite atmospheric in the rain.

We then slopped again through the relentless rain to the Hiroshima Prefecture Gallery of Art, another gorgeous modern building, with a beautiful selection of art and a stunning garden filled with juicy blossom trees. Their petals were so pale, they looked like snow.

We then just had enough time for a quick lunch at the museum, before we headed off to the station to catch the train back to Tokyo.

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