Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mum and dad's trip - Thursday

After a leisurely breakfast, we headed off to Shinjuku which has one of the biggest stations in the world - apparently it has 60 exits! If you don't know exactly where to get out, you could be lost forever! Luckily I have had a little experience with it and was able to get us in the right direction. Once you are out onto street level, landmarks make it much easier to find your bearings and we headed for the lovely art shop called Sekaido - a store on 5 floors that has every kind of art supply you can think of.

At 11.45, we met up with my friend Michiko and she took us to a wonderful tempura restaurant where you sit at the bar and watch them prepare the food. It was so light and tasty and washed down with roasted green tea.

We then headed off to Shinjuku Gyoen, a beautiful park famous for blossom viewing. It was only mid afternoon, mid week, and it was already heaving with people taking photos of the blossom and picnicking in the sun.

Dad had to then take a deep breath as we headed off for some retail therapy, first to a wonderful washi paper shop and then on to the famous department store Mitsukoshi, which was also bedecked in blossom. By this time our poor feet were very weary, but we still managed a quick dip into the depths of Loft department store, before heading home for a well-earned rest, and a sift through our purchases of the day.

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