Monday, 15 August 2011

Summer Sonic

On sunday we went to one of the massive music festivals that are held here. I'm afraid I'm not a camper, so we opted for the more urban version that is Summer Sonic. I'm used to hearing stories of mud soaked fields and rancid toilets at most festivals, but this was like nothing else I'd experienced. The whole festival was held in a convention centre! In true Japanese fashion, it was highly organised, and after getting over the shock of watching the bands in a concrete environment, I really enjoyed myself. I always find it amazing how you can see so many bands, from so many different genres under one roof. We went from pop (Two Door Cinema Club and Friendly Fires) to hip hop (House of Pain) to funk (Bootsy Collins) to Britpop (Suede), with a bit of Johnny Rotten thrown in - now looking a tad older, but still gave an amazing performance.
We popped our heads into the main stadium to watch "X Japan", one of the biggest bands here. I'm embarrassed to say I've never heard of them but it was intriguing seeing them play and watching the crowd get into them. Apparently they were quite hard core when they first started, but now they look like a big hair band from the 1980s....
Bootsy Collins gave a great performance on the beach, with the waves crashing on the shore.
A rather amazing sunset on the beach.
Johnny Rotten, still going strong.

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