Monday, 15 August 2011

Foodie delights

There are always some weird and wonderful foods to try here in Japan and our friend Tatsuya is very happy to introduce us to some of them. On friday night he came round for dinner - he and Neil were the guinea pigs to my new vegetarian Indian meal, learnt last week at my cookery class. I think their faces dropped a tad when they realised it was all vegetarian, and also looked way too healthy, but it seemed to go down well. As a dessert, Tatsuya kindly brought along some Japanese "sweets" in beautiful shapes. They are not as sweet as desserts we're used to and the filling in some of them was bean paste....
One looked like a peach, whilst another looked like a carp fish pond with fish swimming around in a jelly. It even had decorative "rocks" made from a bean with gold leaf on top.
On sunday, Tatsuya introduced us to some egg desserts that were much sweeter and rather like creme caramel. They came in an egg carton and were beautifully presented in their shells, with the top cut off to reveal the cream.

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