Monday, 1 November 2010


Well, we've had quite a welcome back, with a typhoon rolling in on saturday. It rained solidly and very heavily all day and was pretty miserable, so only ventured out in drips and drabs. One of our trips took us to Shibuya, but Shibuya in the rain is not a pretty sight when there are thousands of umbrellas to deal with....

On sunday, the weather had pretty much cleared up, so we headed out to Meiji Shrine for their Autumn Festival. There was so much going an and so much to see, from martial arts and drumming to traditional dancing and even a display of ikebana (japanese flower arranging) and a ship made out of vegetables - strange but true! There was a wonderful atmosphere and it felt good to be back. We then scuttled back to the apartment and I crashed out. The jetlag has been relentless this time round.

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