Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday in Yoyogi Park

The weather here has been absolutely stunning, so Neil and I decided to head to Yoyogi park today and make the most of it. There is always so much to see there.

We started with the Farmers Market, which always sells beautiful fruit and veg. From there we passed the flea market, where people bring their wares in suitcases and lay them out neatly on the ground - it's always a good foraging session. We then trotted on to the dog run. This could start getting a bit embarrassing as we have been there three weekends in a row now. The dog owners are going to start worrying that we are stalking their dogs..... Anyway, there were some great sights of dogs in t-shirts, as well as a cat, who didn't look too happy that he'd been dragged out of the safety of his home.

The trees in the park were stunning. For some reason the autumn colours here seem different to anywhere else, and we were trying to work out why that was. They have a delicacy to them and we think it's because a lot of the trees are Japanese maple which have the beautifully delicate leaves that almost look like lace when you see them en masse. Anyway, it made for prime viewing with the weather being so stunning. You would never believe it's the end of November!

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