Sunday, 8 August 2010

World Press Photographs

This seems to have been a week of exhibition-visiting for me. I went to see a Chagall exhibition on tuesday, the Basara one on wed and then this one on thursday at the Ebisu Photography Museum, just before heading to my Scottish dancing class! I was interested to go, having recently seen the flier advertising the exhibition. It shows a very atmospheric scene of women standing on a roof in the dusk. I had no idea what is was about, but wanted to find out more. It turns out that this was the winning piece for 2009 and shows women of Tehran shouting their dissent at allegations of vote-rigging at the recent presidential election. The exhibition covered many different subjects from war (which were pretty harrowing) to sport, art and nature, and everyday life. It was very thought provoking and I'm so glad I went. Click here to peruse some of the images.

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