Sunday, 22 August 2010


August is a traditional time to have fireworks in Tokyo and there have been various matsuris going on all over the city this month - it could have been a celebration for us as we have now been in Tokyo for a year! Can you believe that?! Anyway, my friend Suzy was having a gathering at the fireworks along the Tamagawa river, so we decided to head there and meet her gang, with Chris and Becky in tow. Suzy was a star and had got there at 9.30am and set up her blue tarpaulins - just like the ones used for the cherry blossom season. Everyone stakes their plot, and then trots off, knowing that on-one would dare nick it! Very civilised. We turned up about half an hour before the fireworks and joined the throngs of people, some kitted out in kimonos, which is the traditional thing to do. We decided not to wear ours, which was a bit of a shame, but I didn't fancy trying to squat on a tarp whilst wearing one for the first time. Not a pretty sight! Anyway, the fireworks were spectacular and we had a prime position by the river as we sipped sake and ate sarnies. A perfect way to celebrate our first year here.

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