Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sunday in Yoyogi park

It was a beautiful day on sunday and me, Laura and Neil decided to head to Yoyogi park and soak up the atmosphere. En route we passed a man riding a bike who had two dogs in his front basket, one of which was a Border Collie! It was such a funny sight seeing such a large dog in a small basket (and managing to stay in it!) that we went up and said hi and he let us stroke the dog. He told us that he was heading to the park to play volley ball and we couldn't quite work out if he was going to play volleyball, or the dog was. It wasn't until about 20 mins later when we passed them in the park and there they were. He would throw the ball and the dog would hit it with his nose! We then went to nearby Meiji temple and witnessed a wedding. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the guests who were kitted out in these beautiful kimonos.

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