Thursday, 15 April 2010

Sushi in Wajima

After a morning of perusing the market and getting accosted by rather scarey old ladies trying to sell us shrivelled fish, we seeked out a sushi restaurant that Laura had read about. It could have been very easy to miss and was a tiny place, with a bar and a small seating area inside. When we arrived, there was one other person in there, a Japanese lady who had been on the same bus as us. She was very friendly, as were the owners of the restaurant who we presumed were a father and son. We found seats at the bar and proceeded to plough our way through the wonderfully fresh selection of fish they had on offer. It was lovely to choose our pieces and then have them handed to us minutes later, beautifully presented on the bar. Luckily Laura had her guide book with her that translated all the types of fish and we were able to banter with the staff a bit, as well as understand what we were eating, as we chowed down on scrumptious local fish.

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