Thursday, 15 April 2010

A local park

Our train didn't leave until late in the day on our final day in Kanazawa, so we were able to fit a lot in. Our first port of call was random and happened to be a little square that we stumbled across. It took our breath away as the blossom was so stunning, so we decided to stay a while and soak up the atmosphere. There was a lovely juxtaposition between a big group of old folk sitting having a picnic, surrounded by lively school children who were all running around and enjoying the beautiful spring day. The children were obviously on a school trip and eager to try out their English on us. We soaked up the atmosphere for a while and were about to leave when one of the old folk came over to us with two steaming bowls of soup! We had sadly just eaten a late breakfast, but realised there was no way we could refuse and it was so sweet of them to offer it to us. So we sat down and slurped up the tasty offering.

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