Monday, 25 January 2010


I'm here! And it feels good - so lovely to see Neil after weeks of being apart and the weather has been lovely - blue skies and sun. After a day of relaxing and an afternoon snooze on saturday, we met up with Chris and Becky and a bunch their friends for leaving drinks at a beer hall in Roppongi. This friend of their's is heading back to San Francisco after being here for two years. We would never have found the bar without our guides, as it was hidden down some back alleys and upstairs. It was a raucous night, with many beers consumed, but good fun and a nice way to be welcomed back to Tokyo. I've just realised that neil and I look like we have some scarey head gear on! Neil looks like he's wearing a dodgy wig and I look like I have a tea cosy on my head - we're a classy pair!

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