Thursday, 28 January 2010

Burlesque life drawing anyone?!

Well, this was a first! I have heard of "Dr Sketchy's" for a while and have been thinking of going, but never quite got the courage to go and felt it was probably best to go with a partner in crime. In this case, I went with Becky who was up for a laugh and to try something different. They call themselves the "anti art school" and meet once a month in a bar called the Pink Cow in Shibuya, using burlesque models in a relaxed environment - ie you can drink beer while you draw. It is against the law to serve alcohol in the same room as a naked woman (?!) so to get around this, they make it burlesque.... I have to say, I was expecting to draw a curvaceous exotic woman, but last night we had a man called Dragon. A martial arts, pilates and, oh yes, pole dancer enthusiast! He had an array of outfits and would do a little routine before he got down to the one minute, two minute and ten minute poses. It was definitely fun to do, but I don't think I'll be racing back any time soon, and I now have some "interesting" drawings in my sketch book!

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