Sunday, 31 January 2010

Shabu shabu

Last night we went for shabu shabu. It was Susan's birthday and she and her husband invited us out to celebrate with some shabu shabu and sake. It is a variant of hot pot, where thinly sliced meat and vegetables are put into a pot of boiling water. The meat is cut so thin and is of a very good quality so that it only needs to be submerged in the boiling water for a few seconds to be cooked. You can then dip it in a variety of yummy sauces. We went to a traditional restaurant where we had to take our shoes off before entering the restaurant and sat on tatami mats around a table with a beautiful copper pot in the middle. The "waitresses" were wearing traditional kimonos and knelt as they slid open the door to our private room each time they brought us food etc and were very attentive, applying the vegetables to the boiling water and guiding us on how it should be done. The food was delicious and it was a great experience with wonderful company.

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