Saturday, 17 October 2009


I went to this great art shop on thursday - 6 floors of artist heaven. The first floor sells all sorts of beautiful cards and stationary and every kind of pen/pencil etc. The second floor has card, paper etc as well as a section just for people wanting to draw manga cartoons! The third floor has all sorts of busts and mannequins, as well as a fab array of all types of sketch books. I picked up these gorgeous little cards (among many other things - am hoping to get inspired and head off to some galleries to draw). The donuts are made of wood, and note the little caterpillar sitting on the cherry leaf. I also picked a up a load of xmas cards for inspiration - scarey to think it's already that time and Halloween hasn't even happened yet! Having said that, xmas is meant to be fab here, even though they don't celebrate it. Any excuse for a bit of a decorating session...

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