Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hello there, I'm back! Had a fab, if a tad manic, time in Blighty and managed to catch up with everyone and spend quality time with the family. It was so good to see mum and dad, Morwenna and Dom, but also the lovely ladies that are my nieces - Lila and Flo. Could be a good name for a children's clothing line.... Anyway, I couldn't resist putting a photo up of the two lovely lasses. See above. Flo is now a little lady and heading off to school in her new uniform and Lila is really growing into herself and even left a rather gurgled message (literally) on my phone the other day!

I'm slowly getting over the jetlag and re-establishing my routine. Back to yoga today - my poor body is feeling it! And off to Stitch and Bitch tonight. I managed to use up all the balls of wool I had while I was in England, which is a good sign that the knitting is forging ahead. It's also a good excuse to head to Tokyu Hands before the class and stock up on new wool. I'm also thinking of getting some sequins/buttons to decorate the "scarf", or rather hide the bad bits. There seem to be a few holes forming and I'm not sure where they came from!

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