Saturday, 18 May 2013

Friday night sukiyaki

It is now countdown time to our departure from Japan at the end of June and along with trying kimono dressing and indigo dyeing, we also want to make the most of all the good food on offer. Last night's food adventure involved sukiyaki, a Japanese stew-type dish served in a hot pot.

We each got given a two-tiered wooden box with vegetables on the top and very thinly sliced meat underneath.

A heavy metal pot is brought out with a candy floss-type substance in the middle. It is placed on the burner at your table and slowly heated in soy sauce.

The meat is placed on top of the sugary substance, and as the soy sauce heats up, the sugary substance melts into the soy sauce creating a divinely syrupy mixture.

The meat cooks very quickly and can then be scooped up, dipped in raw egg (yes, I was very dubious about this, but it was very tasty) and then scoffed! It was absolutely divine!

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